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A good heritage consultant is much more than ticking boxes and ensuring compliance, and with Blue Willow Heritage you get a service that can speed and improve the entire development process, from the first line on the architect’s plans all the way to the first spade in the ground. Turning a building’s heritage from an obstruction into an asset that works in favour of the client’s plans, while also preserving what makes it special for future generations, are two sides of the same coin that both need to be prioritised for a project to succeed. And for that, you need a heritage consultant with both deep technical knowledge of their field and the organisational skills to meet the goals of each stakeholder on a project. Blue Willow Heritage is where both these aims come together.


Expert Heritage Advice

With proven experience in meeting the needs of clients and stakeholders to help projects run smoothly, Blue Willow Heritage can significantly reduce the time and cost of any and all projects with sensitive heritage elements through exceptional advice and support at all stages of the project. Whether producing reports and assessments in support of planning applications, working with local authorities and contractors to establish and meet conditions, or providing advice to architects and homeowners that can mean the difference between success and failure, Blue Willow Heritage has a deep core of technical knowledge that can overcome just about any problem or obstacle in a range of sites, both urban and rural.

Heritage-Led Development

More than that, however: working with Blue Willow Heritage adds value far beyond the nuts and bolts of getting a planning application or listed building consent successfully passed. We also help integrate the past and the future together to make a final product that is higher quality, more cost-effective, better designed and more valuable monetarily, as well as in terms of its worth to future generations. Whether you’re a home owner turning a beloved heritage building into a family home, or a developer restoring life to a sadly neglected site, here’s how we can help your project take shape.

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