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Planning Appeals

Getting planning permission on a listed building is often difficult, and getting planning permission in a conservation area can be harder still. So what do you do if permission is refused and you want to appeal the planning permission decision?


Listed Building Planning Appeals 

Submitting a planning application can be a stressful time, because your decision to make changes to a building is part of a much bigger picture. These works might be what enable you to keep your family in your current house, what enable your business to expand or what enable you to enjoy your retirement to its fullest, so it can be a huge disappointment when you encounter problems. The planning system can also seem quite opaque, with a lot of decision making power resting in a few individuals that have entrenched views and just won’t budge. Getting planning permission on a listed building or planning permission in a conservation area can be harder still. So what do you do if permission is refused and you want to appeal the planning permission decision? 

At Blue Willow Heritage we have a strong track record in working with clients and local authorities to get planning application decisions overturned, creating a situation where all parties can be satisfied with the result. Whether we’re working on planning permission appeals in listed buildings, planning permission appeals in conservation areas or simple advice in support of an appeal, we have a wide range of expertise that allows us to help in just about any situation. 

Listed Building Planning Permission Appeal 

Thanks to our years of experience working with historic buildings in the planning system, we have built up expertise in arguing in favour of a very wide range of project types. From refusals on single family homes to retrospective planning permission on agricultural conversions, we are used to building persuasive and compelling cases based on a strong grasp of planning law, high quality research and a creative approach to problem solving.  

Appealing a planning application refusal involves a high degree of cooperation between all parties involved, and we are experts at identifying areas of common ground that will allow us to tip the balance of give and take that exists on any project in the client’s favour. However, we are also prepared to fight our clients’ corner on refused planning applications to enable you to get as much of your original plans through the process as we possibly can. 

Appeal a Planning Decision 

Having Blue Willow Heritage on your side during your planning permission appeal is a great way to go into any conversation with local authorities with confidence, knowing you have genuine planning and heritage experts by your side. We can produce a wide range of documents and call on complementary experts to help make your case, including heritage statements, local area character appraisals, assessments of archaeological potential, desk based assessments, archival research and more. Armed with the facts and a solid grasp of the legal issues at play, you’ll go into your planning application appeal with the strongest possible hand. 

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