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Estate Management and Planning Permission

With many different types of heritage assets spread out over large areas, of various ages and in many types of settings, large estates can be a challenge to get to grips with for even an experienced developer. That’s why Blue Willow Heritage, with years of experience handling large estate planning permission and sensitive restoration works, is the perfect choice to help you out.


Planning Permission for Estates Large and Amall 

While all of Britain’s historic buildings are unique and complex in their own way, there are some sites that require special care and attention because of their size or the sheer number of heritage assets that they encompass. Typically the many hundreds of large estates that are found in every corner of Britain’s countryside fit that description, and their heritage needs can be a major handful for their custodians, whether they are generations of the same family or new owners. 

As a company we’re already trusted with the heritage management of several large estates throughout Britain, including the Gotwick Manor estate in Sussex, the Hafudnos Hall estate in Wales, and the Forcett Hall, Catto Hall and St Ives estates in Yorkshire. Through a combination of extensive planning knowledge, high quality historical and architectural research and experienced technical skill, we have been able to aid each one and more in creating exceptional heritage-led proposals to achieve a variety of aims. 

Listed Estate Planning Permission 

At Blue Willow Heritage we combine industry leading experience in handling complex heritage planning cases from the drawing board through to successful planning permission, with a collaborative approach to working. This means we establish great working relationships with all stakeholders, from architects and planners to builders and council conservation officers. The ultimate goal of this approach is to enable a scenario where every party gets what they want, leading to a better design that meets the needs of both the client and local authorities. This is especially crucial on listed estate buildings, when the heritage and optimum use of the whole estate is at stake, not just that of the affected building. 

Whether your listed estate building is a single barn, an estate cottage, a large manor house or a whole cluster of estate buildings, we have the experience and skill in house to be able to manage the project from start to finish whether you’re just repairing, extending or converting the asset into housing, offices or holiday cottages. This can involve everything from initial design advice to managing the whole application and associated permissions, utilising the skills of a carefully assembled team. We also understand that an estate has differing and complex needs, which is why we’re equipped to create a wide variety of documents in support of your application, such as Heritage Statements, Heritage Management Plans, below-ground archaeological work, Conservation Area Appraisals and many more. 

Listed estate building conversion 

If you have some much-needed work to be done on a single building in your estate, or if you have grand plans to transform your estate to meet 21st century needs, don’t let heritage concerns hold you back. With more than a decade’s experience working with some of Britain’s largest landed estates, including the Cadogan Estates and the Crown Estates as well as countless smaller examples, Blue Willow Heritage has the skillset and experience to create the documentation and design you need to obtain planning permission on any and all estate projects. 

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