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Listed Building Consent

Listed Building Consent is a specific type of planning application required for all works of demolition, alteration or extension to a listed building that affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest.

Rustic Dining Room

What is Listed Building Consent?

Listed buildings are possibly one of the most misunderstood features of planning law, and there are often more myths about what it means to own and carry out work on a listed building than there are facts. Everybody has heard a horror story or two about the difficulty involved in making even the most minor changes to a listed building, as well as dubious easy answers to complicated heritage questions that have the potential to get you in even more trouble. So how do you separate fact from fiction, and get the outcome you want with a scheme that the planners can support? Get in touch with Blue Willow Heritage.

Experienced and Qualified Heritage Specialist

Rather than relying on guesswork or leaving the outcome to chance, working with Blue Willow Heritage to obtain Listed Building Consent puts the future of your project in the hands of an experienced and qualified heritage specialist who also understands the planning system inside and out. This means that they can work with you to establish a detailed scheme of works which will allow them to map out exactly what information and evidence you’ll need to make the best possible case for your project to the local planning authority. Once that’s done, they can also set about building a strong case from start to finish, in a way that achieves your aims whilst also acting in the best interests of your building’s historic character.

Far from being just a legal box-ticking exercise, the service provided by Blue Willow Heritage adds real value at every stage of the project, feeding into everything from the design work to the work on site, to acting as your agent in building a positive working relationship with local authority planners and conservation officers.

The end result of this approach is night and day: a Listed Building Consent application that is robust and transparent is less costly, faster to obtain and much more likely to succeed, resulting in an outcome that is much better for you and much easier and more beneficial to every other stakeholder involved. And, ultimately, it is much more likely to result in a high quality outcome that will meet your needs while preserving your listed building for generations to come.

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