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Conservation Area Appraisals

A Conservation Area Appraisal comprises a description of the current condition, character, and appearance of the built environment within a designated conservation area and an assessment of those features which contribute most to its setting and significance.

Image by Matthew Waring

What is a Conservation Area Appraisal?

Conservation Areas are living environments that constantly change and grow as the world around them changes, and ensuring that the built environment is fit for the needs of the present while respecting the area’s past is a constant balancing act. Keeping on top of that balance can be difficult and requires up to date, accurate information about the character of the buildings and their condition, which can be achieved by carrying out a Conservation Area Appraisal.

At Blue Willow Heritage, we are equipped to carry out diligent and thorough Conservation Area Appraisals that will give you and your team a solid and accurate basis from which to judge future planning applications in the area, comprehensively identifying both elements that contribute to its special character and those that detract. This is vital for identifying areas in which restrictions should be applied, as well as areas that are suitable for development, including what those restrictions and opportunities are with reference to the Conservation Area’s overall setting and significance.

High-Quality Planning Documents

The team at Blue Willow Heritage has years of experience in carrying out a wide range of heritage-based assessments of buildings of all types and ages, from prehistoric settlements through to modern buildings, and combined with a thorough knowledge of planning legislation, we have the tools to carry out Conservation Area Appraisals quickly and accurately. If you’d like the highest quality information from experienced heritage consultants to inform future planning and development policy in designated Conservation Areas, get in touch with Blue Willow Heritage today.

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