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Statements of Significance

A Statement of Significance is an objective analysis of a site or building's significance, comprising a description of those features which contribute most in terms of their archaeological, historical, artistic, and architectural interest, as well as those features which are considered to detract from its overall character and appearance. 

What is a Statement of Significance?

Designed to offer an objective analysis of the significance of a heritage asset, a Statement of Significance comprehensively sets out what matters and why within the building or site that you are looking to develop. By understanding exactly what it is that makes a place significant from a heritage perspective, you are much more easily able to develop plans and proposals that will be sympathetic to that heritage and to spot potential snags and obstacles before you hit them. A Statement of Significance prepared by Blue Willow Heritage also allows developers to put forward proposals to planning officials that are clear and consistent, which often results in feedback that is more likely to be timely and favourable.

Significance is at the core of the planning policies set out within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), and as a result, it is imperative that any development in a historic site is planned and designed in a way that is consistent with the four interests defined in NPPF (Archaeological, Historical, Architectural, and Artistic). Many applicants try to cut corners at this stage, using templates or inserting a short section into an existing Design and Access Statement, which can cause expensive delays or even result in refusal.

Experienced Heritage Professionals


By choosing Blue Willow Heritage to prepare a Statement of Significance for your project, you are putting that vital work in the safe hands of an experienced and well-trained professional with a deep knowledge of the built environment, heritage, and the planning system. Not only does this mean that the resulting statement is more likely to be viewed favourably by the planning officials, but by aligning with their requirements, it is also less likely to result in delays and more likely to pass smoothly through the system.

A Statement of Significance can be carried out at various stages of the project, and choosing Blue Willow Heritage means that you will receive far more value than just a compliance document at the end. The statement can be used as a thread that informs the development from start to finish, demonstrating understanding of and adherence to NPPF throughout the project that will identify constraints and opportunities whilst also highlighting your project’s value in terms that planners will understand. The end result is a piece of work that can save you time and money at every step of the process, and can result in a higher quality scheme overall, resulting in a higher chance of achieving planning permission.

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