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Historic Building Appraisal

A Historic Building Appraisal is a rapid assessment of what is significant about a historic building, most often commissioned early on in a project to help inform designs which sensitive respond to heritage constraints and opportunities.

Country House

What is a Historic Building Appraisal?

Carrying out works to historic or listed buildings can be a daunting process, and any project is rarely straightforward when it comes to the sorts of work you can and can’t do. Even highly significant listed buildings can be altered in various ways without a great deal of controversy, while some types of work are harder to achieve on much less significant buildings due to potential impacts upon their setting. So as a new owner of a historic building, or someone trying to make alterations for the first time, how do you know what you’re up against? Ask Blue Willow Heritage.

Independent Planning Advice

If you’re not sure where to start and you’d like some expert, independent advice, Blue Willow Heritage can carry out a Historic Building Appraisal to lay it all out for you. We’ll survey your building for any and all significant architectural or archaeological features to determine exactly what your building has in terms of heritage significance, so you know exactly where you stand. By starting from scratch and working out exactly what is significant about your historic building, you’re going into the work with all the information that you need to make informed decisions about your future plans. This can form the basis of a future planning application, or it can simply determine the scope and ambition of any future works.

By commissioning a Historic Building Appraisal, you’re making sure that you’re starting out with the highest quality advice that you can take into meetings with architects and tradespeople, spotting potential constraints and opportunities early on so you can make informed decisions and avoid mistakes. Not only does this save money and time on your project, it can even make for a worthwhile and fascinating piece of research into the history of your house, charting its history and the history of the land it sits on to establish your place in its story.

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