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Conservation Management Plans

A Conservation Management Plan is a document which, in identifying the significance of historic buildings and heritage sites in detail, sets out a sustainable management strategy to ensure that any future use, alteration, conservation, and repair preserve that significance.

Image by Ugur Akdemir

What is a Conservation Management Plan?

Owning and caring for a heritage asset can be complicated and costly, and it can be hard to know which elements of the site need to be prioritised in order to best maintain that heritage in the long term. A Conservation Management Plan is useful in helping to define exactly what it is about a site that is significant, and how it needs to be cared for and maintained into the future in order to ensure that its significance is preserved and, where possible, enhanced for future generations. Whether you are the custodian of a single listed building or manage a large portfolio of heritage assets, having an informed plan in place is vital for the long-term viability and conservation of any given site.

Thanks to years of experience in providing advice and assessments of a wide variety of sites’ heritage assets and value, Blue Willow Heritage is perfectly placed to help you create a Conservation Management Plan that will inform your decision making long into the future. Having a plan in place takes a large amount of the uncertainty and indecision out of the equation when it comes to planning spending and maintenance projects on your historic site, and whether your project is a country estate or a listed industrial building, it pays to have as much information as possible.

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