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Design Brief Advice and Justification

The best way to solve a problem is to stop it happening in the first place, and making sure all your heritage headaches are ironed out on the drawing board is a great way of stopping them from causing trouble later. That's why Blue Willow Heritage provides a comprehensive design and brief service that eliminates heritage planning issues before the design gets off the ground.

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Design Brief, Advice and Justification 

Heritage Consultants are often called upon to help fix problems on projects, whether these are stubborn objections from local authorities or unexpected problems that come up when the designs or plans are submitted. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Careful planning from the very start of a project, before the design even hits the drawing board, can eliminate these costly and unexpected hiccups to make the whole project smoother, faster and cheaper. Taking heritage into account from the start, particularly with projects that are in sensitive locations or feature contentious elements to them, can identify and overcome all possible objections before they’re even made. 

Heritage Design Advice 

Thanks to our expertise in working on historic building projects, Blue Willow Heritage is well placed to offer advice and support at any stage, all the way from design to handover and beyond. We can make sure that what is being proposed is sound from a heritage perspective, and we can make suggestions or comments that can improve the quality of the design in a way that makes it more likely to receive approval. Once the design has been established, we can then ensure that concrete and compelling arguments can be made to the local authorities explaining why these choices were made and how they enhance the quality of the building from a heritage perspective, ensuring you make the most of the design choices you have chosen to incorporate. 

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