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Do I Need Listed Building Consent?

Determining if you need Listed Building Consent is vital as undertaking works to your home prior to obtaining Listed Building Consent, where it is needed, is a criminal offence.

In short, Listed Building Consent is required for all proposed works to a listed building which incorporates alterations, extensions or partial or complete demolition that will impact upon the character or physical fabric of a listed building. Your Heritage Consultant can help you to determine what the significance of your home or site is and what is likely to be granted Listed Building Consent within your scheme.

What is Listed Building Consent?

Listed Building Consent is the mechanism by which local planning authorities ensure that any proposed alterations to a listed building are appropriate and safeguard their special character. This helps to conserve what is a unique and finite resource forming an integral part of Britain’s historic environment.

Who Grants Listed Building Consent?

An application for Listed Building Consent is made to, and determined by, the local planning authority.

What Kind of Work Requires Listed Building Consent?

Generally, for cosmetic and superficial alterations to the building such as light interior decorating, you should be fine to proceed without Listed Building Consent (depending upon the scope of the project). However, should any of your plans incorporate alterations to the fabric or character of the building, you will need Listed Building Consent. If in doubt, it is always best to ask a heritage professional or the local authority directly prior to undertaking any works

A few examples of works which may require Listed Building Consent include:

  • lifting floorboards to accommodate any repair works

  • installing new electrics

  • removing or inserting internal walling

  • removing fireplaces

  • repairing or replacing windows.

Please note that this limited list is purely to illustrate potential examples of works to a listed building which would require Listed Building Consent and it does not form an exhaustive list of such works.

Additionally, if any part of the property you wish to develop falls within the curtilage listing of the principal listed building, then such proposed works will also need Listed Building Consent as they are equally protected.

Further, should the works have an impact on the external appearance of the building, planning permission may also be required.

What Happens if Work is Undertaken Without Listed Building Consent?

The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 outlines that undertaking works to your home without Listed Building Consent where it is needed is a criminal offence. Liability for the offence can attach to either (or both) the individual undertaking the works and/or the individual authorising the works to be carried out.

At Blue Willow Heritage, we provide expert advice and manage Listed Building Consent applications for a variety of projects. If you need support managing your listed heritage assets, Blue Willow Heritage can help. If you would like to discuss your project or simply need some impartial, no-obligation advice, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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