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Heritage Consultants in York

Britain is blessed with a huge number of historic buildings that are an integral part of our shared history, as well as an enduring asset that will serve us as homes, schools, offices and everything in between long into the future. Balancing the need to preserve these important parts of our built environment while also constructing homes and communities that are fit for the future is a constant balancing act, and it’s a particularly acute concern in York, one of the best preserved Medieval walled cities in England. But what if your building’s age and historic interest was an asset instead of a hinderance? By working with a heritage consultant like Blue Willow Heritage you can create workable proposals which satisfy planners and conservation officers, respect and preserve your historic building and make the changes you need to make it fit for the 21st century.

The best heritage consultants take your application far beyond compliance, and can actually make a real difference to the quality of both your proposals and the actual building that results. At Blue Willow Heritage we have experience of working throughout York and North Yorkshire, and we’re very used to working with the local planning and historic buildings teams, so we’re well placed to help you enjoy a collaborative and constructive relationship. Working for you, but with a thorough understanding of heritage regulations and the local council’s aims, we can help you create proposals that are much more likely to succeed, and at a faster pace than would usually be possible.

Working as heritage consultants in York, we have a great deal of experience and a track record of successful projects that have achieved planning consent in the city centre as well as Fulford, Heslington, Heworth, Acomb, Clifton and Huntington. In addition to these areas, we have also worked in surrounding villages such as Poppleton, Dunnington, Haxby, Stamford Bridge, Boroughbridge and Copmanthorpe. It is this experience and familiarity with the unique character of the region that makes Blue Willow Heritage such an excellent choice for your heritage planning needs.

With its historic walls, monumental minster and dozens of historic and protected buildings all over the city, York presents a particular challenge for anyone looking to make alterations to a property, from families to businesses and developers. That’s where Blue Willow Heritage’s extensive experience in the planning system comes into its own. We adopt a heritage-led approach to every project, and can prepare and manage any and all documentation required to satisfy planning conditions or make a persuasive case, including heritage statements, desk-based assessments, pre-development scoping assessments, listed building consent, statements of significance and historic building recording. Going beyond mere compliance, we can handle a project from the drawing board, through the planning process, and up to handover to consistently add value at every stage.

If you need help navigating the planning process or need listed building consent in York, Blue Willow Heritage is the perfect consultant to help you make your project a reality. With years of heritage planning experience, and relationships with local authorities in York and the surrounding area, it’s the most effective way of negotiating the process smoothly and quickly.

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