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Heritage Consultants in Nottingham

Nottingham is one of Britain’s most intriguing cities, with a famous medieval core surrounded by the remains of Victorian industry. While the obviously protected parts of the city’s heritage such as its castle and famously ancient inns are prominent, Nottingham’s less obvious treasures such as its former industrial buildings and its canals are also subject to heritage constraints. Obtaining planning permission in a city like Nottingham can be a long and confusing process if you’re not familiar with it, and even experienced developers can fall foul of unique situations or tricky heritage problems. That’s why it pays to have experts like Blue Willow Heritage by your side.

Good advice on planning is about more than just ticking boxes, and with the right consultant by your side you can add real value to every stage of your project. By working in tandem with all stakeholders, including architects and planners as well as local authorities and builders, we can help you to not only receive a favourable decision, but also to do it faster and with fewer problems  that hold up work. We can achieve this by using our extensive knowledge of heritage and the planning system to create effective and creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems, to help you overcome them and get the outcomes you need.

Blue Willow Heritage has excellent relationships with local authorities and conservation officers that allows us to create a working relationship with them on your project, helping to create a situation that allows both parties to get what they want rather than an adversarial relationship. By doing this, the heritage element of your application can be turned from a problem into an asset, strengthening its appeal to local planners and creating a higher quality building in the process. We adopt a heritage-led approach to every project, and can prepare and manage any and all documentation required to satisfy planning conditions or make a persuasive case, including listed building consent, desk-based assessments, statements of significance heritage statements, and historic building recording.

Thanks to years of work in the British heritage industry we have excellent local knowledge of regional architectural history and styles, allowing us to adapt to wherever we work: whether your project is in central Nottingham or in Derby, Belper, Mansfield, Newark, Grantham, Melton Mowbray or Loughborough. We also have extensive experience of working with all kinds of buildings and all kinds of project types, from single family dwellings to new builds and large scale developments, and from industrial conversions to de-listings and town plans.

If you have a planning problem that requires an inventive, heritage-led solution, then Blue Willow Heritage can help. By drawing on our experience in the heritage sector and our intimate knowledge of the planning process we can create compelling and high quality documentation that has the ability to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’, faster and with fewer roadblocks than you thought possible. By working in tandem with the local authorities and fellow building professionals, we can help everyone achieve their ideal outcomes while preserving the unique history of Nottingham for the future.

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