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Heritage Consultants in Newcastle

Newcastle is a city that was born again in the industrial revolution, transforming itself from a small town on the frontiers of England into one of the world’s busiest and richest ports. That history is written all over the city, and from some of the very oldest buildings in England like the remains of Hadrian’s Wall and its proud castle, to the more modern heritage of its grand Victorian bridges – there’s plenty for Geordies to be proud of. But all that diversity can be a problem too, especially if you’d like to make alterations to a building that’s historic, or near one of these historic sites. Planning can seem like a minefield, but working with Blue Willow Heritage can make it much easier.


Blue Willow Heritage has years of experience working across a wide range of project types and scopes, allowing us to bring that experience to bear on whatever your project needs. We believe in a collaborative approach to our work, which means we work with our clients as well as the local authorities to establish what each party’s objectives are, so we can create inventive solutions that meet everyone’s needs and make for a better building. This allows us to be creative and solve problems more easily, and ultimately makes it more likely that we can turn a no into a yes.

We can work with you to add genuine value to your project, whether it’s a single family dwelling or a whole town plan, and we always aim to go further than simple compliance. Working with you from the earliest stages of design, we can offer advice on practical issues as well as strategy within the planning system, ultimately creating a higher calibre of building that is more likely to be successfully approved. In support of this we can create a wide range of heritage documents to add to your application, from listed building consent documents all the way through to heritage impact assessments, local area character appraisals and desk-based assessments. We can also manage ancillary services such as below-ground archaeological work, geophysics work, drone photography and much more.

We can also work with a variety of other built environment professionals to complement and support their work and the project as a whole, including everyone from structural engineers and garden designers to planners and architects. We have a great deal of experience in buildings of all types, such as military and industrial as well as residential buildings from a whole range of eras, leaving us well placed to work quickly and efficiently on your project. As well as Newcastle itself we cover the local area, including; Sunderland, Gateshead, Chester-Le-Street, Stanley, Hexham, Ponteland, Cramlington and Blyth. We’re also very familiar with the physical, social and industrial history of the area, as well as its architectural character, making it much easier for us to make sound and fast conclusions and create winning arguments.

If you’re looking to alter a building in a historic area around Newcastle, but you don’t know where to start, get in touch with Blue Willow Heritage today.

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