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Heritage Consultants in Lincoln

Britain is a perfect place to live for history lovers, with more than two thousand years of history to be found just about everywhere you look, and a huge amount of that history is in the streetscapes and landscapes where we live. It’s a romantic thought, but it can also be a pain, especially when protecting that heritage makes it difficult to create the type of dwelling that best suits us. Whether you’re talking about updating a historic building, creating a new single family dwelling or embarking on a large scale development, the complex web of laws designed to protect our heritage can seem confusing and restrictive, particularly in a historic city like Lincoln. That’s where Blue Willow Heritage can help.

Thanks to our deep and thorough understanding of planning legislation, and our years of experience in the heritage sector, Blue Willow Heritage is able to provide high quality and decisive support on a wide variety of heritage related issues in the planning process. Whether you’re starting from scratch or tackling a long-running argument with the local authorities, Blue Willow’s cooperative approach to problem solving can mean the difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. By working closely with all stakeholders in the process, from planners and architects to conservation officers and builders, we can help create a scheme that satisfies everyone’s needs and leads to a higher quality building at the end.

We think that a building’s valuable heritage significance, or the significance of the surrounding area, should be an asset to it rather than a roadblock. That’s why we work at every stage of the building process from the drawing board to handover to add helpful design advice and creative solutions to intractable problems that can lead to breakthroughs, and finish projects faster and more cost effectively than you thought possible. Combined with our great relationships with local authorities and our deep understanding of local history and architecture, our help can leave you with a better building in the end, which also helps preserve the local heritage for future generations.

If you’re in Lincoln itself or Retford, Gainsborough, Market Rasen, Louth, Horncastle, Boston, Sleaford or Newark, we have the ability to work on any and all types of building projects in your area. Whether that’s a renovation project, a new build, a conversion of a former industrial building or the delisting and demolition of an unsuitable structure, we have the experience and the knowledge to help you achieve your aims. In support of this we can create a wide range of heritage documents to add to your application, from listed building consent documents all the way through to heritage impact assessments, local area character appraisals and desk-based assessments. We can also manage ancillary services such as below-ground archaeological work, geophysics work, drone photography and much more.

From the beauty of the Lincoln Cathedral precinct itself, to famous views like Steep Hill and the lovely Lincolnshire Wolds, there are a lot of protected sites in Lincoln and its county. Enjoy them, and live in the house you need, with the help of Blue Willow Heritage.

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