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Heritage Consultants in Alnwick

Alnwick is unquestionably one of the most historic cities in England, having served as one of Northumberland’s primary urban areas since medieval times and as the setting for many of England’s turbulent encounters with Scotland to the north. History has left its mark all over the city, and its well-preserved buildings from throughout Alnwick’s past are one of the reasons it is such a prized destination for tourists and residents alike, but living in such a historic place can present its annoyances too. Northumberland County Council is very keen to preserve the region’s unspoilt character, leading to it having some of the most restrictive planning policies around. So where do you turn if you want to make alterations to a building that’s in a historic area, or is itself listed? You can give Blue Willow Heritage a call.

Blue Willow Heritage is a historic environment consultancy that takes your projects beyond basic compliance, seeking to add value at every stage of the project rather than to just tick the right boxes. We can work with you right from the early stages of design all the way through to the last coat of paint, offering useful and considered advice that can make a significant impact on the quality of the project, its value, and the outcome of the planning process. We create a dialogue between the local authorities and the project team, establishing each other’s needs and using our extensive experience of the planning process to create inventive and informed solutions that achieve both parties’ aims. This allows us to work in a way that creates projects which are much more likely to succeed at planning, and in a shorter timescale.

Blue Willow Heritage is able to work with a wide variety of professions to help achieve your aims, no matter how diverse, including everyone from planners and architects to structural engineers, garden designers and contractors. In the service of your objectives we can also create a full range of heritage documents to support your case, including Listed Building Consent, Desk Based Assessment, Building Recordings, Character Appraisals and Heritage Impact Assessments. We can even do wider ranging work such as Local Area Character Appraisals and Local Plans, for anything from single parishes up to whole local councils. Whether you’re a homeowner with a single family dwelling, or a developer with a heritage mill renovation project, we have the expertise to shepherd your project through planning.

We have worked extensively across Northumberland for several years, and have formed working relationships with local authorities across the county, so we can carry out projects in Alnwick itself as well as; Alnmouth, Amble, Morpeth, Rothbury, Wooler, Bamburgh, Lindisfarne and Berwick-Upon-Tweed. This has given us a strong familiarity with local history and local architectural styles, allowing us to easily understand the aims and restrictions present on jobs in the area. If you’d like to alter a historic building, or a building in a historic area, in or around Alnwick, then Blue Willow Heritage is the natural choice.

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