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About Sophie

Sophie is a professional and experienced heritage consultant, who joined Blue Willow Heritage in April 2023, having previously worked at Lanpro Services. Since joining, she has made her mark on the business, providing important contributions to a variety of projects across the UK.


Growing up in Warwickshire, Sophie became fascinated by the rich history embedded within the places around her. This passion was fuelled by the quality time she spent as a child, wandering around museums, visiting ancient ruins, and running about the grounds of Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust properties with her family. A stint volunteering with Archaeology Warwickshire in 2017 further inspired her to peruse a career in archaeology and heritage, culminating in her decision to study archaeology and anthropology at the University of Southampton in 2018.

At Southampton, Sophie was encouraged to take an interdisciplinary approach to her studies, researching all aspects of humanity’s past, ranging from Britain’s early prehistory to the archaeological interpretation of standing buildings. During this time, she also participated in archaeological fieldwork, spending the summer of 2019 excavating a Bronze Age tell site in rural Slavonia, Croatia. Despite enjoying her time in the field, she developed a growing interest in above-ground remains and standing buildings, following which she opted to specialise in buildings archaeology.


In pursuit of this interest, Sophie moved to North Yorkshire where she completed a Masters in the Conservation of Historic Buildings at the University of York. Eager to apply her new found knowledge of planning policy and gain industry experience, Sophie started working for Lanpro Services, on a wide variety of multidisciplinary projects, ranging from small scale residential developments to large scale renewable schemes, across the UK. This included work on a number of sensitive heritage projects on nationally significant sites across Yorkshire and the North East. 


Since joining Blue Willow Heritage, Sophie has furthered her understanding of specialist historic building consultancy and heritage planning services. Her particular interest and skills lie in industrial archaeology, including the conservation management and sympathetic conversion of industrial structures. She is also passionate about the preservation and care of Georgian architecture. Sophie is a Trustee as well as an Assistant Historic Buildings Representative for the City of York and Environs at the York Georgian Society. As an Associate member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, Sophie is committed to upholding a high level of professional and ethical standards in all aspects of her work.

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